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Buy Wooden Dining Table Sets at Best Prices in Bokaro, India

We offer beautiful and elegantly designer dining tables like single pedestal dining tables, carved dining tables, double pedestal dining tables, handcrafted dining tables, home decor dining tables, square dining tables, royal dining tables, sheesham dining tables, handmade dining tables, carved wood dining tables in various customized designs and shapes. These dining sets are made of superior quality wood. Apart from wood, these consist fine blend of glass, resin and other materials. The entire surface of these sets is finely enameled and smoothly finished. Their fine finishes with creative looks, attract innumerable customers in Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand, India.

Single Pedestal Dining Tables

Our assortment of dining sets consists heavily hand carved round shape single pedestal dining tables. These sets come along with six to eight carved chairs. They have white base finishes and multicolor carvings. Their colors, sizes and fabrications all come as per the requirements of our customers.

Carved Dining Tables

We present teak wood handmade carved dining tables. These have white pearl base finishes with little pink and gold decorations on their carvings. Each of the sets comes along with eight lotus design carved chairs. Other finishes of these sets are based on our customer’s preferences. The standard size in which these tables are offered is L – 8′ x W – 4′ H – 2′-6′

Double Pedestal Dining Tables

We offer double pedestal dining tables along with six and eight decorative chairs with each set. They have natural wood color polish with glossy finishes. Other types of finishes of these dining sets depend up on our customer’s preferences. Glass top size: L- 6′ x W- 3′.

Handcrafted Dining Tables

Our wide assortment of hand carved and handcrafted dining tables is made from teak wood. These are the examples of master sculpture and chiseler intricately. Each set come along with eight matching chairs. These sets belong to superbly carved mermaid range. They are finished in pearl white base with gold, gray and pink color. Other customized range of finishes can also be seen in them. The oval shape top glass comes in the size of L 8′ x W 4′ X H 2′-6′.

Home Decor Dining Tables

Our peacock range home decor dining tables are made from hand carved sculpture solid teak wood. These come with eight matching chairs. They have white base pearl finishes with peacock multi colors.

Square Dining Tables

We offer double pedestal hand carved square dining tables with either six or eight matching chairs. They have antique gold color finishes. Other types of finishes and sizes of our sets depend on our customer’s requirements. The standard dimension of these tables is L 6′ x W 3′ X H 2′-6′.

Royal Dining Tables

During the manufacturing process of these royal dining tables, all workmanship details are expertly carried out by our seasoned craftsmen. These sets are made from heavily hand carved solid teak wood. They have glass tops. We also deliver eight matching hand reversed curved & perforated chairs. They have antique metallic gold lacquer finishes. Other fabrications and finishes of these sets are of customized grade. The table tops have dimension of L 8′ x W 4′ x H 2′-6′.

Sheesham Dining Tables

Hand made and hand carved sheesham wood is used to make these sheesham dining tables. They have natural wood color finishes. The set consist 4′ dia Dining table with 4 chairs.

Handmade Dining Tables

We deliver the sets of handmade dining tables with eight matching chairs. They have white base finishes with golden and multi color in the fruit basket. Standard size is L 8′ x W 4′.

Carved Wood Dining Tables

We present our expertise and mastery during the designing and finishing process of these carved dining tables. Fine quality solid carved teak wood is used with various exquisite designs. These tables are well known as Elephant Dining or Reception table.

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